Effee induction was established with the help of experienced technical directors and engineers.
We have 50+ years of experience in induction heating industrial applications.
Our services include new builds, consulting as well as service and spare parts of your existing equipment. We are eager problem solvers and look forward to hear what we can do for you and your business.

Effee induction´s primary objective is service and consulting on application related issues on induction heating, manufacturing of spares, refurbishment of machines, retrofit on supporting equipment and automation. Design and development on engineering services. We offer you services that are of highest standards at competitive rates.

Our mobile induction heating generators can be delivered with a built-in chiller ensuring optimal cooling efficiency and effortless mobility. Our current product range varies from 10kW to 400kW and can be set up with a wide range of operating frequencies for maximum flexibility. The units can be delivered with both single and twin output. Our product line is called “ICON” where “I” comes from “Induction” and “CON” is short for CONverter.
We dare to say that the ICON-series is one of the most (if not the most) compact and cost efficient induction heating systems available on the market today.