Induction also supplies many well-known manufacturers and maintenance companies within the aviation and aerospace industry. The quality of the high grade components in the aviation and aerospace industry are precisely heated by induction systems in a consistent and controlled manner. Induction heating applications and technologies are increasingly being adopted by other turbine
manufacturers and maintenance companies related to the aviation and turbine industries. With Induction heating, not only are complex heating problems solved precisely.

It comes with other benefits too:
• time saving
• efficient installation
• energy saving
• environmentally friendly
• ergonomic and safe

Appliances typically use electronic elements mounted in a wide variety of materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and ceramics. Besides materials expertise, integrating these components requires custom, innovative design and precision manufacturing using advanced automation techniques.
Fridges, Refrigerators, Dishwashers and washing machines are made of conductive parts joined by brazing. Induction heating is used for brazing faucets (tube to the socket, thread insert) and compressor  parts. Since induction heating is accurate, controllable and repeatable. Induction heating is also used in tube welding, shrink fitting of several parts and even in coating removal in several white goods industry.