Induction annealing enables precise, fast and reliable control of metal material properties through recrystallization and controlled subsequent cooling. Induction annealing is mainly used for softening and stressrelieving of metals and offers enormous advantages over conventional methods. Annealing reduces strength and increases the toughness is increased significantly. This enables metals treated by annealing to be much better deformed. The temperature range for annealing may vary significantly depending on requirements and the specific application.

Advantages of Annealing/ Benefits:
• It enhances the toughness of metal.
• It softens the metal and increases the ductility of the metal.
• It improves the homogeneity in metal.
• It may also be used to release mechanical stresses induced by grinding, machining etc.
• It reduces thermal stresses which occur due to a temperature gradient.
• It enhances and improves the machinability of steel.
• Induction annealing increases throughput and improves quality as the heat is delivered fast, precise, and repeatable.