The induction method is used for clean, safe and simple removal of coatings. It works by the principle of generating heat in the steel substrate sufficiently to break the bond between the steel and coating layer.

The coating is then removed entirely without disintegrating and the process is completely free from contaminating agents, i.e. blast media. This makes disposal and recycling of waste easier and more cost effective.
When technicians move our induction head over a steel surface, it creates sufficient heat (typically 150 to 200 degrees) to quickly unbond most coatings from tanks, tankers, pipelines, ships and offshore platforms, allowing
coatings (up to 1-inch thick) to be removed in sheets.

It can be used in removing asbestos, lead and toxic coatings without compromising the health of engineers or the environment. No dust and up to 75 % reduction in energy consumption results in minimum waste
management and excellent safety record. Induction coating removal is an environmentally friendly solution creating less waste, fumes and noise compared to conventional solutions. Being a silent process, operators
can also work in public areas without creating a disturbance.

Advantages/Benefits Coating Removal:
• It is safer as the inductors / heads remain cold during the process and localized heat results in significantly reduced fumes and toxic dust.
• It is portable and easy to move around worksites.
• Inductors / Heads can be customs built to ensure an ideal fit.
• It is a faster and quieter method of coating removal than conventional methods and it can be operated day or night without noise pollution.