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About us

Effee Induction is the culmination of induction heating. It was established with the help of veteran directors and engineers, who have dedicated their careers to the science of induction heating. Our organization boasts of over half a century’s worth of expertise and knowledge, over the whole gamut of induction heating.

We started off as a supplier of induction heating equipment for induction heated feeders based in the foundry industry, which is still part of our product offering. We evolved to include induction heating equipment and robot-controlled weld repairs with state-of-the-art technical support and consultation.

Our primary objective is offering service and consulting on application related issues of Induction Heating. We undertake manufacturing of spare parts, refurbishing machines, Aftermarket retrofit on supporting equipment. We are pioneers in Automation, design and development of engineering services.

We provide sterling services that far exceed global standards at a competitive pricing range. We harnessed our wealth of expertise to indulge in various areas of operations including but not limited to:

  • R&D Projects
  • Welding Robot Showroom
  • Material Science
  • Application Design
  • Metallurgy
  • Foundry Applications
  • Simulation/Calculation of material processes

We are trailblazers. Our skillful and accomplished leaders and workforce have enabled us to become an “Icon” in the induction heating industry. Since we are an icon, we decided to label our most successful and innovative product line as “ICON”. The context behind the ICON moniker is that the ‘I’ in ICON stands for Induction and “CON” stands for CONverter. Our ICON-series is by far the most cost effective induction heating system available on the market right now.

The ICON series product line consists of mobile induction heating generators with an inbuilt chiller to ensure optimal cooling efficiency. The ICON induction heating generators are extremely agile which allows for a greater degree of mobility. The ICON product range varies from 10kW to 400kW and can be set up with a wide range of operating frequencies for maximum flexibility. The units can be delivered with both single and twin output.

Our motto is - “WE BRING THE HEAT”, this statement embodies our commitment and passion to develop and deliver disruptive innovative solutions in the induction heating space.

Our strategic framework is designed to help us become sustainable.

Venture into the unknown

We are avid problem solvers and enthusiasts of the induction heating material science domain. If you are facing an obstacle in this space, we can help you design innovative solutions to overcome this by exploiting our extensive reservoir of induction heating design expertise.