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Born with entrepreneurial spirit in the year 2016 with the help of experienced technical directors and engineers, effee induction Private
Limited is a new and innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) within the induction heating market.

We were formerly known as Induction Spares and Services until the year 2019.

Our main objective is manufacturing of induction heating equipment, service & consultation on applications, refurbishment and retrofit of machines, supply of induction spares parts, design & development on engineering services.


Current setup and offering

Effee induction Pvt Ltd ’s primary objective is to manufacture OEM within the induction heating market and to provide services and consulting on application related issues on induction heating, manufacturing of spares, refurbishment of machines, retrofit on supporting equipment and automation.

We have a broad spectrum of applications across industries which requires heat We range from Automobile to Electromechanical Industries, Aerospace to Ship building Railways, Metal Foundry to Oil gas Supporting our customers offering high end products and services with excellent efficiency and flexibility.

Offering services that are of highest standards at competitive rates.

Delivering consistent value to clients and stand for trust, Value and enterprise.


Planned way forward

With our good current situation, we have a very well planned strategic steps going forward.

We are planning on regularly expanding our footprints, product scope and market all around Asia.

We are working on more and more environmental friendly products.

Waste to Fuel projects.

Expanding out applications to Medical Industries, Aerospace and Defense.

To provide automated and smart (Artificial Intelligent) products and
superior service.

Factory capacity and capabilities

Effee Induction Private Limited is spread over a well equipped shop floor of 5 000 square feet.

Which consists of the following:
- Inspection area
- Mechanical assembly area
- POT assembly area
- Electrical and electronics
- Research and Development section
- Design section
- Sales and Marketing Dept.,
- Store and Inventory

We are about to expand our capacity from 5000 to 22 000 square feet.