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Ground fault unit

What does Ground Fault (GDF) mean?

A ground fault is a type of fault in which straying electrical current deviates from its intentional pathway and flows directly to the earth (ground) or in other words contact between the job and the coil which could cause potential harm to the inductor(coil) or job or a person.


What is the purpose of a ground fault unit?

The purpose of a ground fault unit is to arrest ground faults and protect the equipment and personnel


Principles of Ground fault Unit

The Inductor Ground Fault is connected through the isolated current transformer. The current transformer has the ability to sense leakage current from the ground cable and the set reference on the GDF unit, once the set reference is lower than the leakage current it latches the ground fault.


Applications of GDF Unit

  • A ground fault unit can help prevent damage to the inductor (coil) and the Job. If the GDF unit senses any leakage current, it cuts off the power before it can cause damage to the Inductor and Job.
  • It helps to discover failure jobs and Inductor


Advantages of GDF Unit

  • GDF units are easy to set, understand and visualize.
  • GDF unit reduces the electrical failures which could impact an industrial power system.