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We ensure deliverance of accurate consultation for selecting the right equipment for a particular induction heating application or scenario. The consultation includes automation on supporting equipment, coil design, fixture and handling equipment, applications on induction hardening and Induction heating robot for its application. We provide Industry 4.0 Induction Equipment. We offer maintenance services on coil, water cooling system, power source and supporting equipment.

Equipment Service, Repair, Upgrades and Support

Our service is top notch and second to none. Our customers are operating 24/7, so it is crucial for them to receive support 24/7. We offer a 24/7 emergency service contact number; we have the best response times. We provide maintenance checks like quarterly preventive maintenance check etc. Offer suggestions to unleash high performance of your equipment. For our PLC automation systems, we have incorporated a VPN router within it to establish remote access from our office to any global location. This mechanism has proved to be extremely cost efficient for our customers running our PLC automation systems.

Aftermarket Spare Parts

We possess a stock inventory of aftermarket spare parts. Our inventory also consists of spare parts for our units and external manufacturers equipment (except proprietary items).

Transformer Repair and Supplies

We undertake induction transformer repairs. We specialize in reviving your transformer if it’s out of commission. Our highly experienced veteran staff will have it up and running in as little as a few days. We have the best turnaround times in the industry since we always harbor a stock of necessary materials for this exact purpose.

We manufacture transformers as well. We understand how detrimental downtime can be for production so as a best practice we’ve witnessed many of our customers across the globe purchase a spare transformer from us.

Induction Coil - Design, Build, Repair and Services

Our facilities that are dedicated to coil design and production, are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing and repairing all types of induction. We ensure that you achieve the right heating patterns and extract the maximum output from your induction heating power supply.

  1. Mass heating coils for forging and melting applications.
  2. Tube Heating coils for hardening and tempering applications
  3. Heat treat inductors
  4. Bonding coils
  5. Brazing inductors
  6. Modifications to existing coils