Oil is the most traded commodity. The rapidly expanding use of natural gas to solve worldwide heating and transportation requirements makes it another valuable resource.
Worldwide, oil and gas, and its derivates in gaseous or liquid states, contribute to 60% of the energy used in transportation, industrial and commercial or residential requirements.
The production of oil and natural gas occurs on a massive scale that requires careful investment in advanced technology. New methods of extracting these valuable natural resources must meet the highest levels of safety and environmental protection, while still maintaining the profitability levels
required to drive the industry forward.

Innovative induction heating technology offers many advantages for the oil and gas industry:
• Energy saving
• Reduced processing time
• Temperature control
• Control and localized heating
• Possibility of integration into assembly lines
• No physical contact
• Improved working environment

Oil and natural gas suppliers rely on induction heating equipment for many different production processes:
• Pipe end stress relief
• Soldering of rock drilling tools
• Coupling coating
• Forming pipe ends for bottles and cylinders
• Heating the ends of sucker rods
• Seam annealing
• Preheat for pipe forming
• Pipe straightening

A wide range of induction systems are supplied for the global and local oil and gas markets. With our vast knowledge and experience in induction heating we are capable of offering a wide range of quality solutions for this industry.