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On-site repair


The conventional repair approach in today's industrial practices is basically either utilizing manual welding or replacement of
the degraded parts in their repair and maintenance processes.

Among the downsides of the current practice is the cost issue in as much as sacrificing the certain facilities due to the economic strains on the profit-margin. Furthermore, compliance with the carbon neutral strategy of the energy companies as well as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) clearly requires a more sustainable approach that today's conventional practice for repair and maintenance.

By developing a fully automated solution through merger between robotized wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) and
induction heat treatment, repair operations can be done faster and more efficient, thus reducing the backlog and even
considering tasks that were deemed to be irreparable earlier.

The procedure relies mostly on developing and implementing a through-process digital twin and study and finalize all the engineering aspects prior to the main operation.

In short Effee Induction aim for deployment of fully digitalized on-site repairs using advanced robotic additive manufacturing (AM) and induction heating technologies.

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