Induction heating can be used to produce wind turbines with reduced maintenance and maximum uptime. In today’s global economy, manufacturers of power generation equipment face many challenges. While continually seeking ways to drive down production costs and accelerate time-to-market, improved product quality and manufacturing consistency are absolutely essential.  And particularly in the power generation industry, environmental concerns have begun to play a major role.

Induction heating is a quick, clean, non-contact method of inducing heat for a wide variety of metal joining and heat treating applications used in the manufacture of power generation equipment. When
compared to convection, radiant, open flame or other heating methods.

induction heating offers substantial advantages:
• Increased consistency with solid state temperature control & closed loop monitoring systems
• Maximized productivity with in-cell operation; no soaking time or lengthy cool down cycles
• Improved quality with minimized product warpage, distortion and reject rates
• Extended fixture life with site-specific heat without heating any surrounding parts
• Environmentally sound without flame, smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions or loud noise
• Reduced energy consumption with up to 80% energy efficiency