The railroad was one of the main engines of modernization, an instrument of economic and cultural dynamics that breaks boundaries. Today the future of big cities is guided by high speed rail lines.
The increasing globalization of the market place causes changes in all areas. More and more, trains are orientated towards the environment.
Induction heating is widely known throughout the railway industry for its ease of integration and ability to streamline and combine multiple process stages. Induction heat treating is used for manufacture parts for assemblies, bearings, brakes, drive trains, gears, joints and shafts.

Rolling Stock Applications
• Diesel Motor: parts heat treatment
• Electrical Motor: short circuit ring brazing, rotor shrink fitting
• Rail Vehicle Body: plate straightening, paint removing
• Suspension: leaf spring end heating
• Shaft: molybdenum coating
• Wheelset: wheel shrink fitting
• Brake system: disk brake hardening

Railway Maintenance Applications
• Motor repairing
• Wheel band shrink fitting
• Spare parts heat treating

Rail Infrastructure Applications
• Clips forging
• Fasteners thread forging
• Rail forging
• Head rail hardening
• Rail normalizing