Automotive industries

The automotive industry comprises of a number of varied economic activities. In just over 100 years, these activities have achieved a high degree of both social and economic importance worldwide.

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Electromechanical industries

Aggregate of commercial enterprises is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of machinery, apparatus and supplies for the generation, storage and utilization of electrical energy,

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Aerospace industries

Induction also supplies many well-known manufacturers and maintenance companies within the aviation and aerospace industry. The quality of the high grade components in the aviation and

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Ship building

The shipbuilding industry, like many others with a global footprint, has become an increasingly competitive environment. Building new vessels and refurbishing existing fleets requires technological

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Oil & Gas

Oil is the most traded commodity. The rapidly expanding use of natural gas to solve worldwide heating and transportation requirements makes it another valuable resource.

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The railroad was one of the main engines of modernization, an instrument of economic and cultural dynamics that breaks boundaries. Today the future of big cities is guided by high speed rail lines.

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Metal & Foundry

What if you could decrease your feeder size in your casting by 90% and save 40% power per casting? It is possible with our induction feeding technology, the new way of casting metals. Larger or more castings without increasing melting capacity. Shorter shake-out times, and less time consuming cutting and grinding.

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Wire & Cable

Energy cable have revolutionized many facets of industry over the last couple of decades. It is an integral part of industry and ever present in our daily lives.

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Power generation

Induction heating can be used to produce wind turbines with reduced maintenance and maximum uptime. In today’s global economy, manufacturers of power generation equipment face many

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Electrical rotors & stators

Induction heating has major impact on manufacturing of electric motors and pumps. Induction heating is used for shrink fitting components of electrical motor assemblies,

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