We ensure that proper consultation is given regarding the selection of equipment for particular Induction Heating Application, automation on supporting Equipment, design of coil, fixture and handling Equipment, applications on Induction Hardening and robotic for induction heating application. We also introduce Industry 4.0 on Induction equipment. Maintenance on coil, water cooling system, power source and supporting equipment is carried out by us.


Equipment Service, Repair, Upgrades And Support

Our Service is second to none. Operating 24/7 is critical to many of our customers so we provide after hours technical support which can be crucial to your production. We offer a 24/7 emergency service contact number. We also do maintenance checks, quartely Preventive Maintenance’s and make
suggestions on how to make the equipment perform at its highest level.
For our PLC automation systems we have incorporated a VPN router to provide remote access from our office to any global location. This is providing an incredible cost reduction to our customers regarding PLC issues and any programming changes they may require.


After market Spare Parts

We maintain a stock inventory of long lead time Aftermarket Spare Parts. Spare parts are available for our units and also other manufacturer bought out items(except proprietary items).


Transformer Repair and Supplies

We do induction transformer repair, especially if your production is down and need to get up and running right away. Our highly experienced staff will evaluate and repair your transformer and get you back in production normally in as little as a few days. We keep necessary materials in stock to ensure the fastest turnaround possible.
We also supply new transformers if you would like to order a new transformer to have in stock as a spare in case of an emergency. We understand how costly down time can be, let effee Induction help you to minimize these costs.


Induction Coil – Design, Build, Repair and Services

Our dedicated coil design and production facilities have state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture and repair of all types of induction so that you get the right heating patterns and your induction heating power supply delivers maximum output. Below are some examples of coils we repair:

1. Mass heating coils for forging and melting applications.
2. Tube Heating coils for hardening and tempering applications
3. Heat treat inductors
4. Bonding coils
5. Brazing inductors
6. Modifications to existing coils.