The shipbuilding industry, like many others with a global footprint, has become an increasingly competitive environment.

Building new vessels and refurbishing existing fleets requires technological capability based on quality, diversification, competitiveness and flexibility. Compliance with both national and international regulations, environmental concerns, and security/safety issues must also be addressed.

The shipbuilding strategy requires compliance with national and international standards, work safety and environmental management and security service quality.

Induction heating, used throughout the shipbuilding industry, is recognized as the most effective, reliable, and environmentally-friendly heating method for a wide variety of processes:

• Deck and bulkhead straightening
• Pipe annealing
• Brazing
• Pre- and Post-Heating

Repair and Maintenance
• Localized metal heating: Spot heating, brazing, stress relief, bolt expansion.
• Paint removal.

Engine component heat treating
• Turbine blade brazing
• Gear hardening
• Large bearing hardening
• Shafts and gearbox components heat treating