Induction heating is used extensively in the railway industry. It is crucial in forging the railroad infrastructure and manufacture of parts for assemblies, bearings, brakes, etc. It has the ability to integrate, streamline and combine multiple process stages.

The railroad was the harbinger of the modern civilization and one of the main engines of modernization. The railway was a catalyst for one of the industrial revolutions. The railways are an integrated public transport system, it connects major cities across the globe. The future of big cities is guided by high-speed rail lines.

The increased globalization of railroads has caused major changes across various parts of the globe. Almost every country in the world has railways.

Induction heating is the heart of the railways. It is widely known for its ease of integration and ability to streamline by combining multiple process stages.

Induction heating is used in every aspect of the railways from the railroad to the trains on the track. Induction hardening is used for manufacturing parts for assemblies, bearings, brakes, drive trains, gears, joints and shafts.

Rolling stock applications

• Diesel motor: parts heat treatment
• Electrical motor: short circuit ring brazing, rotor shrink fitting
• Rail vehicle body: plate straightening, paint removing
• Suspension: leaf spring end heating
• Shaft: molybdenum coating
• Wheelset: wheel shrink fitting
• Brake system: disk brake hardening

Railway maintenance applications

• Motor repairing
• Wheel band shrink fitting
• Spare parts heat treating

Rail infrastructure applications

• Clips forging
• Fasteners thread forging
• Rail forging
• Head rail hardening
• Rail normalizing

Typical applications for Railway


Brazing is a highly efficient way of joining dissimilar metal parts together. A filler material is applied and melted to form a fused piece. Filler materials come in many shapes and sizes. Induction brazing is ideal for high volume production due to its high efficiency and repeatability.

Pre and Post heating
Pre and Post heating

Induction pre and post heating is a process where materials or workpieces are heated by induction in before or after further processing. For example, in the cable and wire industry, cable cores are preheated before insulation extrusion. Metal components and welds, for example, must often be post-heated to relieve internal.

Shrink Fitting
Shrink Fitting

Typically, metals will expand in response to heating and contract when it is cooling. This dimensional response to temperature change is known as thermal expansion. Induction shrink fitting is where we use this effect to either fit or remove parts. It is also a quick and effortless process with less risk of mechanical damage to the component.


Hardening is a process of heating followed by cooling generally fast for increase hardness and mechanical strength of steel. Induction hardening, using induction heating and quenching, provides an economical way to process shafts, gears, bearings, yokes, spindles, sprockets, wire, tube, pipe or other parts.

Bonding & Debonding
Bonding & Debonding

Bonding is an adhesive curing process which allows the quick joining of two elements. In the modern assembly of mechanical parts bonding is increasingly used instead of spot welding and rivets as examples.

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Ground fault unit

What does Ground Fault (GDF) mean? A ground fault is a type of fault in which straying electrical current deviates from its intentional pathway and flows directly to the earth (ground) or in other words contact between the job and the coil which could cause potential harm to the inductor(coil) or job or a person.