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Brazing is a highly efficient way of combining dissimilar metal parts together. A filler material is used as a bridge, it is applied and melted to form a fused piece. Filler materials come in various shapes and sizes, such as pre-formed braze rings, shims and rods.

 Induction brazing is ideal for high volume production due to its high efficiency rate and recurrent nature. Applications such as soldering or brazing require significantly faster heating times compared to heating in a furnace or by flame.

In contrast to heating by flame or in a furnace, where only the surface is being heated by convection, Induction brazing produces precisely controlled joints with faster execution time.


• Safety and efficiency – the induction brazing process involves no fuel gas or open flame and provides improved HSE. Selective heating directly targeted at the desired area of the workpiece ensures high efficiency and throughput.

• Easy and safe application of induction brazing – the heat input for induction brazing can easily be controlled and delivered with high precision.

• Ideal for serial production due to precise process repeatability.

• The process eliminates the distortion and other undesirable metallurgical changes in different regions of the work pieces.

• Reduction of porosity and weak brazing joints, due to precise and reliable process control, such as power and time.